In all the movies and TV shows that became my favorites as a kid, I was always drawn to the movies that had the nerd.

The adventure begain on a farm in New Mexico.    Near Roswell to be precise. A tiny town called Fort Sumner. Our home antenna would only pick up one channel at a time so it was my duty to run outside with a pipewrench and change the direction. ABC and NBC were clear. CBS had snow but I never cared. It was television and I was always entranced.   My excitment for entertaiment led to working and then managing a video store at the age of 13.   By 20 I owned my own video store and thus "Landalls BoxOffice was born.   24 years and counting, I have been providing entertainment.     I have worked in commercial casting and then went to feature film casting before becoming a personal assistant for one of the kindest actresses I have ever met and seveal very successful writers and directors.    The films "Back to the Future" and "Romancing the Stone" were two of the most impactful films I watched when growing up.    And a special shout out to Anthony Head who showed me how a person could provide endless exposition each week and make it look so easy.   I do my best to follow in his path.